The Ceremony

  • The ceremony begins with a couple escorting the baby into the room where the bris will take place. The procession starts with the mother giving the baby to the couple and the couple in turn bring the baby to the father.
  • The father then hands the baby to the person honored with dedicating the chair of Elijah.  The baby is held over the chair while the dedication is recited.
  • The baby is then returned to the father and is placed on the Sandek's lap (on top of a pillow) where the bris will take place.
  • The Sandek holds the baby while the mohel performs the circumcision. 
  • The baby is swaddled and given to the person honored with holding the baby during the blessings and naming ceremony.
  • The person reciting the blessings and naming the baby holds a cup of wine during the recitation.
  • The naming is concluded and the baby is escorted back to the mother by the original couple and the baby can be fed.
  • (Nursing or bottle feeding at this point is usually very calming and soothing for the baby).
  • The bris is traditionally followed by refreshments or a celebratory meal.
A Bris Milah performed according to Jewish tradition is a wonderful beginning for a newborn child. It is a memorable experience, replete with significance and meaning for all those involved. It is the first of many milestones and happy occasions to be joyously celebrated during the child’s life, as he grows to be a source of nachas and satisfaction to all those close to him. Mazel Tov!