These honors are usually delegated to relatives and close friends. The role of Sandek, the recitation of the blessings and the naming are considered to be main roles in the ceremony and often given to the grandparents of the baby. All of the blessings are available in Hebrew, Hebrew transliteration (English characters). Often parents will choose for me to read in Hebrew while a friend or family member will read the English translation. I welcome any additional customs or ideas that the family wish to incorporate into the ceremony.   I look forward to helping you make your bris ceremony a memory you will fondly look back on.

Kvater - The couple who escort the baby into the room and hand the baby to the father.

Chair of Elijah - The person appointed to hold the baby over the chair of Elijah and then return the child to the father.

Sandek - The person who holds the baby on their lap during the bris.

Blessing after Bris - A paragraph that is recited after the bris has been performed.

Naming the Child - The ceremony where the child receives his name and assumes his position as a member of the Jewish People.

Amidah L' Brachot - The person appointed to hold the baby during the naming.