Bringing Traditional Circumcision to the Phoenix Area

Dear Parents,

Welcome to www. and thank you for considering  me to help guide you through this important and critical milestone in your baby's life. Although I have tried to cover as much information as possible regarding Bris Milah  on this site, I realize that it is impossible to cover everything and I encourage you to call me with any questions or concerns you may have.  Please do not hesitate to do so.  We are talking about your beautiful new born child and the most important spiritual decision you will ever make for your child.  

Briefly, a Bris Milah, or ritual circumcision, is a wonderful beginning for a newborn boy. It is a memorable experience for the family, replete with significance and meaning, and serves as the first of many milestones and happy occasions to be joyously celebrated during your child's life as he grows to be a source of nachas and pride to all those close to him. 

I have had the privilege of making the Bris Milah ceremony a beautiful, heartwarming and meaningful Jewish experience for families in Israel  and Southwestern United States regardless of religious affiliation or background.  Generally, I perform the bris ceremony both in Hebrew and in English for everyone to understand and appreciate.  I am happy to incorporate any family customs and traditions you may have and you can involve as many or as few participants in the actual ceremony as you wish.   The ceremony will last approximately 20-30 minutes, although the actual bris takes less than a minute!  to perform.  

Traditionally, a Bris Milah ceremony is celebrated publicly with family and friends.  However, there is no “rule” on how large a Bris should be.  I have performed Brises with many, many  guests and others with just the immediate family and me.  Both are perfectly acceptable in Jewish practice.  If a bris will include more than immediate family, it may be beneficial to have the grandparents or a family friend host it as “mommy” will be busy focusing on the new arrival.

A bris is much more than a circumcision! Your child is not merely the product of the love that exists between you and your spouse, but is the next link on the chain of our People that goes back over 3800 years to our Matriarchs and our patriarchs.  A proper bris is the most important spiritual decision you will ever make for you new son.  One for which he will thank you one day.

May you, your family, and your baby have a beautiful, healthy, and meaningful life together. 

Mazel Tov and Congratulations!

Rabbi Yosef Semel

Rabbi Yosef Semel, Certified Mohel is a member of the Rabbinic Faculty of the Phoenix Community Kollel. He received his milah training and certification in Jerusalem, Israel by the world-renowned specialist and teacher of ritual circumcision, Rabbi Yehuda Giyat. Rabbi Semel brings to the ceremony a sense of security and satisfaction. By avoiding the usage of clamps his method avoids any unnecessary pain to the child. His composure and explanation every step of the way makes one feel comfortable and happy to celebrate this momentous event.

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